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Xelas Software is the leading provider of OSI Protocol and TMN software. Xelas Software acquired the software licenses, intellectual property, customer contracts and projects of Vertel Corporation in 2004. Vertel had been the successor of Retix Corporation and had adapted the Retix OSI Product portfolio for applications in the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) space.

Since 1990, this software has been the cornerstone of network management, mediation and integration solutions to both telecom infrastructure vendors and service providers.

The XOT - X.25 over TCP/IP product has been used by customers like Telkom South-Africa, Antel Uruquay to continue to provide seamless connection of Legacy Management Systems to Telkom switches like Siemens EWSD, Lucent 5ESS and Alcatel S12.

Xelas Software's OSI Product line includes CMIP Development Toolkits, FTAM products, OSI Protocol stacks and Embedded OSI Protocols.